Our Software

The Navigator software offers detailed segment overviews and trip data information, as well as master trip data. It features Precise Trip Controls, to monitor and update all aspects of the trip; Drill Down, to record and report on trip progression and actions taken on a segment or location-specific level.

Select users or parties can be given the ability to upload documents into the portal. These documents are reviewed and verified by our maintenance team and attached to the relevant piece of equipment for easy retrieval. Documents can also be obtained from the Navigator application as well.

Provides visibility to our clients,as well as the end users of their product. Our clients can view a supply chain based on the party code given site. The Portal allows you to see what is enroute to a facility, view current assets at your facility, and view which assets have been requested to be returned to a specific location.

Our Services

shipment management

TCMS has a team of highly-trained logistic professionals that help to manage and process shipment. We confirm details with various participants in the customer supply chain for accurate and up-to-date information. Our team helps you to track and manage your container fleet; immediate and up-to-date pictures of container locations and activities.

Order Management

Our team is well versed in interfacing with client depot and plant facility locations. This allows us to monitor and communicate with your plant facilities to optimize their workflow and process. Our goal is to make visible and available assets that are fit to fill specific orders to optimize asset utilization.

Resource management

TCMS features an experienced team of maintenance professionals that can manage all of the mechanical, profile, and certificate information that surround a container fleet. Our team also offers additional maintenance services that include managing and reconciling estimates versus actual invoicing for asset repairs, storage, and the management of asset leases.

diversified asset tracking

Tracking of your assets, in real-time, is our business. TCMS not only monitors ISO tank shipments, but also cylinders, drums, totes, and resin/poly bags. In whichever vessel you ship your product, we have the resources to ensure they are tracked efficiently with up-to-date information available to you.

Data Integration

Intermodal Transport

By definition, involves multiple parties, which may or may not be connected or communicate efficiently with one another. Data which is electronically exchanged between these different supply chain participants can become disjointed and confused, causing potential bottle necks, or misinformation, in the shipment of your assets. The TCMS platform supports multiple points of data integration with any party transmitting information about your fleet, in order to provide a transparent and up-to-date picture of your fleet.

ERP Integration

TCMS is experienced in and capable of integrating with our customer’s ERP interfaces; integrations can take place for asset movements, as well as freight rating and costing integration.

Data Imports

Our team is well versed in analyzing various data import files, and creating standard processes in order to populate relevant fleet information. We interface with various depots and facilities involved in your supply chain to standardize a data communication file.

EDI Integration

We have processes setup to import standard EDI files relating to Truck, Rail and Vessel movements.

Our Locations


We have office space in Bucharest, Romania to provide support in an EU time zone.

Headquarters: Texas

1610 Woodstead Court, Suite 220, Spring, TX 77380
Office: +1 (281) 362-1513 | Fax: +1 (281) 362-8316


Our staff is able to assist, coordinate, and provide insight into all APAC movements.

Our History

Bourque Logistics is the premier rail logistics provider in North America serving over 100 large, industrial shippers. Due to numerous client requests for international intermodal management services, Tank and Container Management Systems (TCMS) was created. The focus of this venture is on international ISO tank, container, bulk shipping bags, and cylinder logistics.

Leveraging Bourque Logistics’ knowledge in industrial shipping, automation, and EDI capabilities, TCMS streamlines tank and container logistics and provides enhanced services to shippers, carriers, and depots around the world.

Our Goal

The goal of TCMS is to streamline and optimize our customer’s supply chains. TCMS features advanced software modules to track intermodal asset movements and handle the necessary logistics processes surrounding your fleet.

Our team works with you to fully understand your business process and target goals to optimize logistics flow and asset utilization. Based on our reporting and dashboard screens, we constantly inform and advise on the most effective logistic strategies.

We are based in The Woodlands, TX. We reside in the same building as our partner company Bourque Logistics. This shared workspace allows us to collaborate and leverage the resources and knowledge of Bourque experts who have been an industry leader for domestic rail movements for the past 30 years. The team at Bourque and TCMS offers you more than 100 years of knowledge in the industrial transportation and maintenance arena.

In addition to The Woodlands main office, TCMS has acquired office space and hired personnel in Bucharest, Romania and Singapore to provide support on a global scale. Having these locations and teams allows us to better assist our customers on an international level.

Call Us At: 1-281-362-1513